Because of What Happened to me this Week, I Will be Blessed for the Rest of my Life!

(Feb. 14, 2011) Last week’s letter I mentioned how we will be doing our leadership training meeting this week… it was absolutely amazing. I was walking on sacred ground as I had revelation flow about how I can better teach and be a more effective missionary. I have to be honest and admit that for my first 20 months I feel like I have been doing it all wrong from what I learned this past week at our meetings! It was amazing and we had Brother Waton, who is the director of missionary proselyting worldwide came to train us. He helped to create Preach My Gospel and he opened my vision on what it is we are actually preaching to people. I am so thankful. Because of what happened to me this past week, it is going to bless me for the rest of my life. I was taught by the spirit so much and my family will be blessed because of it as well. I am so thankful that I’m here serving a mission and especially here in this mission! haha I’ll admit it’s tough at times but you learn a lot about what Christ truly did for us so that we can have faith in him and overcome any obstacle and gives us strength through hard times.

The power of the atonement is amazing and is what makes everything possible to return to live with our father in heaven again. He broke the bands of death so that we can be resurrected, but more importantly it is our choices that allow us to feel the atonement by repentance. We can have wounds healed and burdens lifted because of what Christ did for us. Everything that Christ did was for the sole purpose of helping us to return to live with our father in heaven! We’re taught that baptism is the gate, a way we show our willingness to obey commandments – to show that what Christ did for us matters. The promise of the Holy Ghost comes into our lives which completes baptism and gives us a remission of sins. The sacrament was instituted to renew our covenants and be promised the Holy Ghost…. all because of Christ.

What my epiphany was this past week was that my first 20 months I was teaching it all wrong!!!!!!!!! Embarrassed to say that I was teaching a restoration of the… priesthood, or a restoration of… we now have a prophet. that is false – “anything more or less than Christ’s gospel is not built upon his rock” so these are some of my thoughts and I hope you all followed what I’m expressing… that this is the only gospel on the earth, any other way…. it’s not Christ’s gospel, and any time we teach anything (talk in church, a lesson, home teaching…anything) it must be incorporated with the restored gospel. If it is any other way than they are simply not able to return to live with God. This is exaltation, its huge! So from learning all of this, I have speedily repented and am now teaching every single principle 100% fixed upon the atonement as the center of everything regarding faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. As I have done this, we have seen veil opening experiences with our investigators and we are both edified and rejoice together. The spirit is so much stronger! So that was kind of my week and some things that I learned. The gospel really makes sense to me now and it blows my mind away at how much it is in the scriptures. It has changed my study, the way I speak, how I act, and it has changed my life just in the past couple of days. I love it! I’m so happy I’m here on my mission and I have this opportunity  to guide somebody to eternal life. I feel like my faith has increased and I don’t want to go home but just stay out here and preach for the rest of my life. Thank you mom and dad for supporting me and helping me to be out here. I love you so much.

Elder J



~ by Susan Johnson on February 17, 2011.

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