This Next Transfer is Where I’ll Finish my Mission!

(Feb. 28, 2011) Thanks for all your love and concern! Things are going great here in Oakland but this past week the weather took a turn and was miserable! It was freezing and there was predicted snow in the forecast but I never saw any. The work is still moving along.  We have been trying franticly to find new people to teach. After our huge splurge of baptisms we had, we haven’t been able to fill back up our pool of people so things are a little slow right now…. what makes it even more difficult is since it is a language program we can only work with Tongan people and all the non member Tongans have all been visited hundreds of times and so all we can really do is continue to cycle through them and just do a lot of follow up with members. But this past week we saw miracles and were able to find several new people. The Lord is blessing us definitely and this next week we have planned to find even more. So keep me in your prayers because I’ll need all the help we can get!

This next week is transfers so on Saturday I’ll hear what’s going on. I’m thinking I’m going to train because 20 new missionaries are coming in – we will see. Kind of exciting because this will depend on where I finish the rest of my mission I think!  Crazy thought, and what makes it even worse is I got a phone call this week from the mission office and they are asking me questions like what airport I want to fly into and stuff like that so they can book the flight… I was really temped to tell them I’ll be flying to somewhere different than Colorado just so I won’t have to come home! I’m scared to come home. I like it too much out here and to help people really find how Christ has died and suffered for them. I know that this gospel is true and that it means the world to me. Thank you all for your great examples and for being diligent and obedient to commandments. I know that the blessings we have received in life are because of that. I love you all. Have a great week!

Elder J




~ by Susan Johnson on March 3, 2011.

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