My Favorite Time is the Hour of Study into the Scriptures

(March 14, 2011) Hey family I don’t have much time today to write but thank you all for your letters and love and support– it really helps and goes a long ways! Thanks Riley and Kelsey for writing me. I loved hearing about what you are doing and all that fun stuff. The work here is going just fine. Our teaching pool is filling just a little bit but they’re not very solid people. Very flaky and unfortunately it’s all we got right now. We did set a date with this girl last week for April 9 but she hasn’t been able to meet with us for over a week because of her family not allowing her to…. so things are very slow still but we keep working hard. My absolute favorite time of the day though is the hour of study that I get to just get into the scriptures on my own and receive revelation to know what to do and how to help these people. If only I could have learned this skill of studying from the beginning of my mission (or even before for school…) than it would have helped so much. I love this gospel and it means so much to me! I know that it is true and that it is the only path that one must take to return to their father in heaven. My favorite quote from Preach my Gospel is, “true doctrine understood changes attitude and behaviors. The study of doctrine will change behavior quicker than a study of behavior will change behavior.” The atonement…. understood leads to faith and hope which provides us with the strong belief that the Lord will fulfill his promised blessings of keeping his commandments. As we give up our carnal desires and do that of the Father, he will bless us so much and I have learned for myself that that is true. I hope you all have  a fantastic week and never lose hope. ofa atu

P.S. I had another Tongan feast on Sunday and it was crazy! Blows my mind away every time! And then later Sunday night we got to go to a fireside where Elder Groburg and his wife came and spoke to the Tongan stake. Kolipoki is the one from “The Other Side of Heaven where he serves his mission in Tonga.  super cool guy and he speaks way good Tongan! He spoke on the need of companionship where man is with the woman and woman with the man. Kind of weird as a missionary but still very doctrinally based and I enjoyed it.

Elder Johnson




~ by Susan Johnson on March 20, 2011.

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