Don’t Let Anything Pass by without Being Thankful for It

(April 4, 2011) Thanks for all the emails of support! It means a lot to me. CONFERENCE WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!!!! I love it so much! Such amazing talks I don’t even know where to begin with what my favorite talk was… I loved priesthood session and I loved Bednar’s talk on revelation and then I loved Holland of course and President Eyring in priesthood, and not to mention Richard G. Scott about marriage! haha but that is a ways away right? So this week was also a great week. We found two new people and were to set a date with both of them so we are frantically planning and preparing all those people. We had to drop another one of our dates because he was just refusing to do anything… he has agency I guess…. also another person we set a date with – I can’t tell you the full story but make sure you ask me when I get home because it is strait nutty!!! But his name is Nafe and he’s a warrior! And it’s a complete miracle that he is preparing for baptism and he’s on fire right now! One thing that also happened was we got moved out of one of our wards and thrown into a new ward…. so now we have the Oakland 3rd Tongan and our new one is the Oakgrove 1st young single adult Tongan Ward (haha I just can’t get away from these single wards!) Things are still going very well with me. For this p-day we’re not doing much. I think that I’m going to go run around Lake Merrit here in Oakland which is a 3 mile run. Its way fun!  It’s been hot here this past week which is good. Hope you all are having a fun time and loving life! Don’t let anything pass by without being thankful for it, even trials, it’s all for our good and in God’s plan to prepare us. (That was a main thing I got out of conference) love you all! ofa atu

Elder Johnson




~ by Susan Johnson on April 7, 2011.

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