I Wouldn’t Trade any Experience I had so far for Anything!

(May 16, 2011) Thanks for the package moooom things are going really good and it was awesome to be able to talk to all of you. Things are great right now. We have two baptisms for this next week – one in our family ward and then one in our singles ward. The girl in our singles ward is a miracle and I have been so privileged to be able to teach her. She has such strong faith and is making all the right decisions and doing everything to be baptized. Things will be great. Also this past week we found a new investigator named Tau and he’s 18 and super shy but is very prepared and we set a date with him for June 4th….. It’s said because the dates we are setting are when I’m not going to be here but that’s ok because it all still needs to happen with or without me. Also we set another date with another new investigator for June 4th but there might be some complications to that one and needs to meet with our mission president to prepare for her baptism. So life goes on and it only looks like this next weekend is my last two baptisms and that’s all we got right now. I love this work and I love the guidance of the Holy Ghost in my life. I have learned so much and I am seeing all the changes it has made for me. I wouldn’t trade any experience I had so far for anything because it all helped me learn and develop. I hope you all have a wonderful time as you all start to be crazy and busy. That is awesome that Denver got hit with snow!!!!!!!! wooooooo. thanks for the update. see you guys soon. love you.

Elder Johnson


~ by Susan Johnson on May 20, 2011.

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