It’s Crunch Time if I want to Baptize Before I Leave!

May 2, 2011) Hey family! Sounds like things are a blast down in Tucson! That would be so much fun to get caught up with all the old family!. I was laughing so hard when you told me the story about the fridge and the family calling it our fridge! .

Things went really well this past week. The highlight of the week was our Mormon helping hands day which is California’s service day. It was fun we went to lake merit as the Tongan stake and my group dug trenches and laid paths and rocks down through this garden thing. It was way fun but I got sunburned! And then right after we had a mission conference where we all get together and Elder Nelson and Bishop Edgly spoke to us and some other 70s. It was amazing! So good and yes I shook his hand. It was fun. And then right after we had a mission photo which I’m most excited about because that will be a good memory. Our teaching pool is doing ok. We are scrambling to pick people up and we have a lot of potential and it is crunch time if I want to baptize before I leave. Right now we had a miracle fall into our lap of a former investigator who had a change of heart and wants to now be baptized so he is preparing for the 21st. Other than that things are just kind of moving along as they usually do. I don’t think it has quite hit me yet about me only having 4 weeks but maybe it will when I call on Mothers day and mom starts flipping out and repeating over and over again about how excited she is to have me back home. I hope you all continue to have  a wonderful week and catch up with people in Tucson. Be safe and I love you all.

Elder Johnson


~ by Susan Johnson on May 20, 2011.

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