I Have One Week Left and I’m Planning on Giving it Everything!

May 23, 2011  Thanks for all the love and letters mom and dad for the pictures of Riley and his graduation stuff. Riley is a stud muffin! It also sounds like you are all having a blast and staying busy with a lot of activities and evens to be to. Travel safe to Utah! For me things are going great. This past week has been quite an eventful one let me tell you! (but it might have to be one of those stories for when I see you next week.) As I  wrote last week we had two baptisms for this past weekend but…. one of them didn’t go through and that is the story I will have to tell you because its strait nutty!!!! But the other one that went through was for a girl named Chanly Chan and she is a miracle! She was in the singles ward that we just got put into and it has been the best way ever that  could imagine for ending my mission with baptizing her. She has such strong faith and would just soak up all the lessons when we taught. She had to make some big changes in her life and after doing so she met the qualifications for baptism and now has a very strong testimony of it all! This next week we don’t have any baptisms unfortunately… but it will be fun to work hard and to set some more where I won’t be here for. We have several people we are teaching and doing our best to help them receive the restored gospel by building their faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repenting, preparing for baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. I have one week left and I’m planning on giving it everything I got. Thanks for everything and I’ll see you all soon!



~ by Susan Johnson on June 18, 2011.

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